Imagining and creating a unique theme to each hotel, 20 hotels redesigned and rebranded in 2 years
Digital transformation of the whole costumer journey
Co-creating and deploying a marketing CRM to learn about and adapt to guests needs
Co-creating with INSEEC business school a GX digital certifying training course, over 600 employees trained
Creating GX reportings to owners
Deploying a machine learning chat

Happy Culture

From 2014 to 2016,  the number of visitors started to drop in Paris by 20% YoY, which pushed the industry to accelerate its transformation towards a more guest experience and mid-market hotels.

In this context, we started working with the newly developed brand, HappyCulture Collection.

OFF Paris Seine

First Boat Hotel in Paris opened in 2017 with a gross income and a bottom line fare below predictions because of the lack of experience of the management company in « out of the box hotels »

Establishing a marketing strategy with a value-minded approach, +23% gross income in total vs N-1 to 5M€

Raising the building efficiency by developing events such as fashion shows, corporate meetings, fitness yoga courses and major product introductions (L’Oréal, Chanel…) in the public areas of the hotel , new revenue generated in year 1 of 350K€, 7% of total revenue

Restructuring the teams with a guest oriented and cost optimization approach
Working with one of the best French restaurant consultants on a new menu

Optimization of costs at all levels. – 12% in 2018 Vs N-1

Conducting the construction of a second outdoor restaurant

Designing a brand new conversion-oriented website

Working on a content strategy with a copywriter and a social media manager

Implementing a new CRM and Customer relationship reportings to better understand guests

Working on SEO and SEM to gain website traffic and increase bookings through the website


A newly built hotel in a hip Parisan neighborhood needed a digital strategy to match its trendy design and young customer target.